Barbara Jordan Scholarship at UT Arlington

Barbara Jordan was the first woman elected to the Texas Senate and the first African-American representing Texas to be elected to the US House of Representatives.  She believed that government must work to remove obstacles to individual achievement due to race, sex or economic conditions.

Barbara Jordan  eloquently expressed these values in her 1976 keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention:  “We believe that the government which represents the authority of all the people, not just one interest group, but all the people, has an obligation to actively — underscore _actively_ — seek to remove those obstacles which would block individual achievement — obstacles emanating from race, sex, economic condition,” she said. “The government must remove them, seek to remove them.”

Greater Arlington/Mansfield Democratic Women established the Barbara Jordan Scholarship in the College of Liberal Arts at UT-Arlington in 2011.  The $1000 annual scholarship is designed to benefit students who will work to remove those obstacles.

Visit the UTA College of Liberal Arts Scholarship page and apply for the Barbara Jordan Scholarship.

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